Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Arksego: Benefits of Successful Integration

Arksego knows the benefits of integration, but achieving full integration between all security systems is not easy. Because it can be difficult to fully integrate all security systems into one system, breaking into a secure location becomes all the more difficult. Software is required to link all security systems, such as closed circuit television (CCTV), electronic locks, and alarm systems to one interface. This interface is usually run by a proprietary operating system that alerts workers to potential threats with attention-grabbing sounds and visuals. Often times this interface also includes an on-screen map that shows the entirety of the building or property. Arksego offers this kind of integration and complex monitoring systems to all of its clients who need it. 

Physical connection between systems is also required to achieve full integration. This still needs to be established with typical media such as coaxial, twisted pair, or fiber optic cabling. Arksego has the expertise and the know-how to install this communication system so that it is extremely difficult hack or otherwise disrupt and keep all security systems under one operation system. All integrated security systems need to be flexible and scalable in order to accommodate previous investments in hardwired cables and equipment. Integration should be able to incorporate existing systems so that an entirely new system isn’t required. When a security system is fully integrated, each separate system will be able to receive instructions over a single network and no decisions about CCTV, electronic access controls, and intrusion detection systems can be made without reference to all other systems on the network.

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