Sunday, 22 February 2015

Arksego: Integrated Electronic Security Systems

Arksego security company is the most comprehensive security outfit in Nigeria. It serves the most people in the most populous country in Africa. No matter how dangerous a situation is, Arksego has the personnel, equipment, and training to keep people, facilities, homes, and business assets safe from outside attack or intrusion. One of the ways we protect your assets is through Integrated Electronic Security Systems (ESS). We have an Integrated ESS team specifically trained to design, install and operate ESS and fire equipment at the client’s facility. The team also provides ongoing maintenance and support services for these complex systems. While many security companies provide prospective customers with a high estimate and expensive ESS installation, what sets Arksego apart is our commitment to the ESS after it’s installed. A security breach with our ESS installed is a poor reflection on us, so we make sure that our ESS work properly for the duration it is in your home or your business’s facility.

ESS is fully integrated into our comprehensive security service. It is a fully naturalized extension of all of our normal security functions. While other security companies tack on electronic surveillance and other ESS functions, Arksego has always been prepared for the new wave of electronic security, and our researchers are constantly looking for new and better ways to protect our clients. We offer our clients a complete, comprehensive security solutions backed by a team of maintenance and ESS experts on call 24 hours a day. We merge human and electronic security systems into one all around provider.

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